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Feb 04

Classic Europa has Moved!

We’re now live at It got too hard to maintain the site here, as apparently web hosting software kept breaking my custom links every time a major occurred.

Mar 13

Grande Fantasia Imperiale Scenario

The Mediterranean and Northern Africa Region, July 1940

The Grande Fantasia Imperiale Scenario for Wavell’s War is now available in articles. This is a “historical-hypothetical” scenario exploring whether, with just a few reasonable changes in policy and preparations, Italy could have wrested north-eastern Africa and the Near East from Great Britain in 1940-41. Italy’s big chance came in the spring of 1940, with France …

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Feb 23

Articles & The Carmel Plan

Classic Europa now has a new page for articles about Europa and related topics. To start it out, the first article is about the Carmel Plan, the planned last-ditch defense effort in 1942 against the Germans by the Jewish inhabitants of the British mandate of Palestine, in case the Germans had succeeded in defeating the British …

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